Mistake #1: Assuming others know what’s going on inside you.

Let’s say you’re at a meeting, feeling stressed.

But if your heart is pounding, others can’t hear it. If you’ve got butterflies in your belly, others can’t see them. And if your palms are sweaty, no one can tell.

Often, the only reason others know you’re nervous is because you feel compelled to announce it.


Mistake #2: Assuming you know what’s going on inside others.

Suppose, at the next leadership offsite, your CEO stands up and then, in a commanding, operatic voice, sings out the quarterly financials.

You’re impressed.

But you know nothing about the CEO’s inner experience. He could be extremely confident, or extremely nervous, or extremely insane.

Mistake #3: Assuming you should feel as confident inside as others appear outside.

That CEO probably looks solid on the outside; you, on the other hand, feel wobbly on the inside. But that’s an apples-to-oranges comparison.

STOP COMPARING YOUR INSIDES TO OTHERS’ OUTSIDES. (That’s my favorite line, paraphrased, from a so-so novel called “The First Patient.”)

When I work with business leaders, they’re often surprised to discover a basic truth: You can act confident without feeling confident.

You don’t need to feel confident to stand tall. Or to maintain good eye contact. Or to speak with volume. (Learn more: Speaking? 7 Ways to Own the Room)

And if you act confident enough times, eventually the feeling will show up. 

Don’t wait.

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