Consultation & Executive Coaching

Do you have a high-stakes presentation or meeting coming up?

You could be:

  • explaining a new strategy or big change to associates
  • pitching your company’s products/services to a client
  • proposing a new idea or project to your boss
  • presenting technical info to a non-technical audience
  • updating senior executives on results

The main thing is, you need to get it right.  Let’s increase your odds, increase your impact.

We’ll work with you on design (what to say) and/or delivery (how to say it).  For example:


  1. Focus your message by answering the 3 critical questions that your audience (every audience) will have.
  2. Develop your purpose, main message, and key talking points so they’re clear and compelling.
  3. Experiment with your opening. The first minute is crucial; there are at least 10 ways to open a talk.
  4. Sequence your material effectively.
  5. Review and critique your slides.
  6. Develop stories, analogies, and examples to capture both sides of your audience’s brainpower.
  7. Create questions to engage your audience.
  8. Experiment with your close.  The last minute is just as critical as the first.


  1. Rehearse your presentation; get actionable feedback (video-taped, if you like).
  2. Practice brevity.
  3. Work on vocal variety and animation to make your message dynamic.
  4. Anticipate and respond to tough questions; practice thinking on your feet.
  5. Learn techniques to project confidence—even when you’re not feeling it.
  6. Develop your executive presence.
  7. Identify your strengths and areas of opportunity as a speaker.

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