The Fast-Focus Method™


“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

—Herbert Simon, Nobel Prize winning economist

“I try to leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.”

—Elmore Leonard, novelist and screenwriter

What is Fast-Focus™?

It’s a method to:

  1. Get heard.
  2. Get results.

Why does anyone need it?

Whether your message is a complex presentation or a simple email, the natural tendency is to design it from your perspective.

But that’s upside down. What matters is your audience, and their reaction.

With Fast-Focus™, you’ll start with three critical, audience-driven questions.   And you’ll stress-test your message against those questions.

The purpose is to cut through the clutter, and make your essential points stick.

Why is your audience so distracted?

Your audience—whether 100 people at work, or one person at home—is flooded with information. More information = less attention.

The average attention span is now 8 seconds (Microsoft research).

So, just because you say something, doesn’t mean anyone will actually hear it. Or remember it. Or act on it.

Who uses Fast-Focus™?

Paul has taught this method to leadership teams, sales and marketing executives, scientists, engineers, lawyers, financial professionals . . .

For example:

Executives at a biotech company need to explain the company strategy to thousands of employees. If the employees don’t get it, the strategy won’t work.

Leaders at a consumer products company need to make a dynamic presentation to senior executives about the results of a complex project. The audience wonders, “Was it worth it?”

Analysts at a global mutual fund company need to tell a roomful of executives why to buy a specific bond. Time to talk: 2 minutes, max.

How to learn it?

1) Paul teaches this method directly in three programs—and it can be added to other programs.

  • Your Point?
  • When Leaders Speak
  • Dynamic Speaking

2) Individual or team consultations are another option.

3) Also, there’s Paul’s latest book: You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Communication Secrets for a Distracted World.  (Check out Amazon reviews.)

Get heard. Get results. Learn Fast-Focus™.

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