You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Communication Secrets for a Distracted World

(HarperCollins Leadership/Amacom, 2017)

It has been a long time since I had so much fun reading a business book, but I chuckled almost as often as I highlighted things I wanted to remember . . . He has some great tips for taking a presentation from ordinary to excellent. That chapter alone made me want to buy a dozen of his books and distribute them.”
—The Chronicle Herald book review by Kaye Parker, who named it one of the top business books of the year

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When you present your ideas, do others pay attention?

You’ve Got 8 Seconds reveals three strategies to stand out:

  • FOCUS: Design a strong message—then say it in seconds.
  • VARIETY: Make routine information come alive.
  • PRESENCE: Convey confidence and command attention.

With these strategiesillustrated with fast, actionable tipsyou’ll get heard, get remembered, and get results.

I loved the book and will recommend it to colleagues. Whether you’re a grizzled CEO or a new associate, you’ll benefit from Paul’s strategies.
Bill Adams, Chief Investment Officer, Global Fixed Income, MFS Financial Management

After reading the first few pages, I could not put it down. An insightful and refreshing book that is a treasure trove of useful techniques on how to communicate more effectively and to the point, with amusing real life anecdotes that keep the reader engaged until the last page. A must-read for the corporate world—and the real world!
Jean Pierre Lacombe, Chief Global Markets, Head of IFC Research, The World Bank

“Great insight and advice to hone your communication skills for every situation. Invaluable for anyone with an important message to deliver.”
Steven Marshall, President, U.S. Tower Division, American Tower

“The tips are invaluable and it’s a quick, fun read, with humor and personal anecdotes sprinkled throughout. This is a resource you’ll turn to again and again for advice on the best communication techniques. Highly recommended!”
Stephanie Laguna, Executive Director, Strategic Market Planning, Kaiser Permanente

EVERYONE should read this book. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, you will need to convince people that you and/or your ideas are the best path forward. I am a research scientist (MD, PhD) and have presented more than 139 lectures over the past 7 years. Paul’s advice is invaluable. And it’s sprinkled with humorI laughed out loud at many passages. I LOVE this book, it is my Bible for presentations.

Nancy Richert, MRI Acquisition and Analysis Expert, NeuroRx

“This book provides fresh, actionable advice on how to make your point quickly, succinctly, and memorably, so your ideas get through the deluge of non-stop information. On the flip side, since you, too, are probably inundated with emails, meetings, and presentations that just seem endless: Do yourself a favor.  Give everyone you know a copy of this very practical (and funny) book. I know I will.”
Erin Deemer, Vice President, People Development, Biogen

“You’ve Got 8 Seconds teaches you to find the core of your message and make it memorable. Filled with powerful insights and humor, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to sell their ideas or themselves. I started using Paul’s tools immediately, and urge you to do the same.”
Jon Peters, CEO, AthenaOnline

Superb blend of practical tips, humor and storytelling. Paul provides real insights and memorable tactics on how to excel at communication in today’s frenetic world. All presenters (and writers) should read this book.
Marissa Poole, Head of Global Scientific Communication, Sanofi Genzyme

I loved this book!  Humorous and insightful—it’s a great read and the advice is spot on.  A must-read for leaders or anyone who wishes to inspire, motivate, or persuade.”
Kelly Courtney, Advocacy Strategy Advisor, United Nations

“Paul’s book answers the question that should haunt all of us: ‘In a noisy world, how do I ensure my message is heard?’ For those fortunate enough to know Paul personally, his voice and years of experience echo throughout this book. The result is a practitioner’s dream—a useful, step-by-step guide on how to beat the noise and ensure people take notice.”
Michael Glass, Vice President, Talent Management and Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Getting your message across in our information-saturated age is a real challenge. Paul Hellman’s book is packed with great advice for leaders, and it’s fun to read, too.
Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and New York Times-bestselling author of Triggers

If you want to become an exceptional communicator, this is your how-to guide. It should be mandatory reading!”
Mark Jesty, Chairperson, IMS/Toronto

“You’ve Got 8 Seconds tackles everyday communication dilemmas in a straightforward, relatable and humorous manner.  You’ll find the strategies you need—and we all need this book more than we realize!”
Alison Quirk, Executive Vice President, State Street (retired)

An easy, high-impact read that provides every executive with the tips and tools to effectively communicate up, down, across organizations, and with customers.  With this book you’ll maximize your impression on every audience.
Dusty Tenney, President, Brooks Life Sciences

“Do you want to be remembered and get results? Paul’s witty approach and insightful tips give you the communication strategies to get heard in a world of constant distraction. If you want to succeed in your business encounters, this is a must-read.”
Maureen Clang, Vice President, Leadership Development, Travelers

“There’s no time to waste when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your communications skills. You’ve Got 8 Seconds is a vital addition to your tool belt that I heartily recommend.”
Bill McGowan, author, Pitch Perfect

“You need to manage your professional brand.  Use the tactics in this book. They work.”
Charles Miller, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Citi

“Paul provides a fast, easy-to-use approach to ensure that others get your message.  His method helps you make your point quickly—and with greater impact.
Sandy Rezendes, Chief Learning Officer, Citizens Financial Group

“Both practical and funny, it’s a great read for anyone who wants to have more impact at work. Hellman has mastered the art of communication, and he lets you in on the secrets. Highly recommended.”
Tim Saeger, Senior Vice President, Engineering, iRobot


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