Client Comments

“Paul is one of the most gifted consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he know his material cold, he also has an innate ability to connect with audiences at all different levels. He is truly easy to work with because he is smart, intuitive, extremely skilled, has a wonderful sense of humor. and is just an all around nice guy.”

Nancy Nagler, (former) Vice President, Human Resources, MFS Investment Management

“I think I misspoke that everyone was pleased with the class . . . they were ecstatic!  These are the best evals we have ever seen . . . I really feel lucky to have such a great resource.  Thank you.”

Program Manager, Executive and Leadership Training, NASA

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended, very well put together, very effective!”

Nancy Lee, Associate Director Quality, Genzyme

“Reason #9 to get an MBA at MIT/Sloan: I just took Paul Hellman’s workshop for Sloan MBAs during the school’s innovation week.”

Roseliny Genao, MBA Candidate, MIT/Sloan, Class of 2016

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop last week!  I heard great feedback all around, including a number of ‘that one thing, I’m going to do that!!’  The overwhelming feedback was just how engaging you are and I completely agree. Look forward to the next time we work together.”

Christine Hurley, Chief Operating Officer, 4G Clinical

“Paul worked with a group of our high potential leaders, preparing them for a high stakes presentation to senior executives.  After Paul’s training and coaching, the participants hit their presentations out of the park.  The feedback from senior executives was extremely positive, and I saw a distinct difference in their presentations in just one day.  Paul’s performance affirmed that when it comes to high stakes presentations, he’s the best.”

Ann Parente, (former) Manager, Talent Development, BIC

“As always, Paul did a terrific job, and I think the team had fun while they learned. Paul really is a gem and I hope other groups here get to work with him.””

Mary Ruth Moran, Vice President, Corporate eMarketing, Boston Scientific

“I heartily recommend Paul as a consultant, speaker and facilitator. Paul consistently delivers high quality programs that he customizes to a wide range of groups. He is well received by managers at all levels in our organization not only because of what he delivers, but who he is – an expert in his field and a true professional.”

Frank A. Burke, Executive Vice President, Human Resources (retired), Biogen

“Outstanding!  Useful tips and tricks to capture the audience.”

Dusty Tenney, President, Life Sciences, Brooks Automation

“Excellent work for our Leadership Forum! You quickly won over our often skeptical participants. That was clearly evidenced by the standing room only turn out for your follow up break out session. The time you spent prior to the conference to understand our program goals, business issues and culture really paid off. The comments from senior leaders have been consistently positive. I’ve since heard many references to how they’re applying your suggestions.”

David Marton, Program Manager, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan Institute

“Paul, it was one of the best business seminars I’ve ever attended, in or out of IMS (Institute for Management Studies).  We in the audience knew we were in the hands of an expert.  You are a ‘go-to’ source, a person of authority who knows what he’s talking about. I’m sure we’ll work together many times over the years.  What a great start!”

William Brottmiller, (former) Chairman, IMS/Boston

“Exceptional, engaging and practical. Very well done.”

Steven Marshall, President, US Tower Division, American Tower

“Dear Paul, Thank you very much for a fantastic day of training in Zug!  The team absolutely loved it and it’s been the first time that I’ve seen us all together totally engaged and committed, and that was thanks to you.”

Clare L. Hague, Ph.D, Director of Market Access, Biogen International

“The workshop was outstanding, not only for helping me to improve but for giving me tools that I can use to coach my team. (I even coached my VP following his presentation!)”

Stephanie Laguna, Executive Director, Strategic Market Planning, Kaiser Permanente

“Thank you for such a great day.  The material was engaging and timely, with many of our leaders putting their learnings to work right away.  Fabulous job.”

Carmen Klein, Director Leadership & Learning, Maple Leaf Foods

“After taking your workshop, I immediately used the techniques during a critical meeting with senior management. I had a huge success. In fact, my boss’s boss called me a rock star. Thank you Paul!”

Mary Kay Debord, Regional Sales Manager, Progressive Insurance

“Thanks SO MUCH for your amazing workshop.  A must for anyone who cares about speaking effectively.”

Susan Abbattista, Group Copy Supervisor, Cambridge BioMarketing

“I was thoroughly engaged for two days.  That doesn’t happen very often at trainings (almost never!)”

Carol Kolenik, Director, Harvard University, Bridge Program

“I walk away from many seminars feeling that the presenter was just summarizing common sense. With this seminar, I found I was listening to fresh ideas with fresh examples, and could use these tips to deal with situations in which I’ve previously been frustrated.”

Stephanie Valley, Human Resources Generalist, CombinatoRx, Inc

“If you want someone who will really make your people feel good and, at the same time teach them techniques that make a difference on the job, call Paul Hellman.”

Steve McMillen, (former) Vice President, Executive Leadership Development, Hillenbrand Industries

“Paul is one of our top facilitators, and has been for many years. Whenever he works with us, people praise his insight, enthusiasm, and overall skillfulness. He knows how to keep people actively involved and eagerly learning. We’re always very glad to use him!”

Larry Raskin, (former) Director, Learning and Development, Analog Devices

“You have been so impressive, with your clear thinking, ability to absorb so much different content, and never-ending patience with our last minute stuff. You have most definitely made our program much better than it would have been without you. Thanks and I look forward to our next project together (and there WILL be a next time!)”

Deborah A Kelly, (former) Head of Learning Services, Aetna

“You are in my pantheon of stars! We had our largest crowd ever and you helped to create a very positive buzz about the entire day. I am indebted to you for such a gracious response to the needs and desires of the biotechnology community.”

Thomas M. Finneran, (former) President, Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

“Paul is one of the few consultants who consistently exceeds expectations. I’ve hired him for varied assignments at several different companies and have always gotten outstanding results. Paul’s style works well with all audiences. A terrific speaker and presenter, he’s also one of the best facilitators I know. Plus, he’s incredibly easy to work with.”

Ted Walbridge, (former) Director, Global-Corporate Human Resources, Boston Scientific

“Our training sessions with Paul were fantastic and really helped us frame how we think and act in the organization. Paul gave us useful tools we could apply immediately. They’ve already had an impact on the company.”

Erin Lanciani, (former) Vice President, Human Resources, Therion Biologics

“Paul, you were fantastic yesterday! You engaged the audience, gave examples that resonated, and presented insightful and relevant content. I very badly need to read your book.”

Janet Cortazzi, Vice President, Zephyr Management

“I have been a manager for over 16 years and have been to many programs.  This was the best yet. You have a great gift of making each person feel that what they say or what they think is important.”

William Allen, Vice President, Fund Treasury, MFS Investment Management

“The workshop material was excellent and your facilitation extremely effective.  I also really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with you during the day on a more personal level.  It was most certainly time well spent.  Thank you, and I hope to work with you again.”

Thomas M. Clark, SVP, General Counsel, Claims, Selective Insurance Company of America

“Thanks very much for yesterday’s seminar.  I’ve already started practicing at least two of the ten strategies, and that made a big difference in how I approached a key meeting this morning.  Very valuable!

Carol A. Greve-Philips, Vice President, Corporate Development, Genzyme

“Word-of-mouth reviews from yesterday’s speech are spectacular.

Dr. Stephen Etkind, (former) Vice President, Value Behavioral Health

“Very much enjoyed the entire program. Paul is very talented and has a very approachable demeanor. Thank you.”

Jennifer Melker, Director of Human Resources, TriMark USA

“You gave us very valuable information in a very welcoming, congenial, intelligent style. I have never felt so comfortable to participate in such a seminar.”

Monica Smith, Director, Client Relationships, First Data Corp.

“Thank you for keeping our meeting on track. The rest of us could not have had as enjoyable a time at the meeting if it had not been for you.”

Norman Sondheimer, Director of Information, Computing, and Communications Technology, UTC Research Center

“Paul is smart, and has a deep knowledge about what makes people effective at work. His audiences experience this as soon as he speaks.  Yet the testament to his talent is his ability to share the stage, get everyone involved, and increase their learning.”

David Turner, (former) Director of Global Learning, Thermo Electron Corp.

“We were so fortunate to have you as our opening speaker. Your presentation was wonderful and everyone really enjoyed it!”

Suzanne Naftalin, Investment Company Institute

“Paul is an exceptional speaker so you also learn by observing him.”

Tim Wall, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

“Your experience in the classroom and top notch facilitation skills really made this program a success and I thank you for the effort.”

Bob Reiss, Senior Training Specialist, NCR

“Paul’s unique blend of relevant, practical business insight and good humor are ‘right on’ for management audiences.

Lee Dailey, (former) Director, Education and Development (retired), United Technologies

“Paul is like money in the bank. He combines an impressive range of skills with a laser-sharp focus on each and every client’s specific needs. I am always delighted to recommend him!”

Richard Whiteley, cofounder of the Forum Corporation, and bestselling author of “The Customer-Driven Company”

“I wish all speeches were presented this way.”

Alina Canha, Senior Auditor, Sun Life of Canada