Your Point? Say It Concisely.

A Public Workshop / Boston

When:  June 20, 2019 (9-4 pm)

Where:  Dedham Hilton (11 miles from downtown Boston)

Fee:  $995.

Limited:  8 participants, maximum.

This is a skill-building workshop, limited to a small group to ensure individual attention, video-taped practice, feedback & coaching.

To register:  Simply email, “Sign me up—Your Point” to We’ll then send you information on payment and other details.

For questions:  Please call 508-879-0934, or email

Our premise

Consider your audience. They’re bombarded with information all day long.  After all, it’s the information age.

What they lack is time.

So whether you’re explaining your company, your services, or your PowerPoint slides, less is more.

Practice now for those critical moments when everything depends on your ability to say it fast.

Before the workshop

You’ll identify one or two specific, upcoming communications that you’d like to work on.  That’s it.

You just need to choose the specific communications—later, during the workshop, you’ll have a chance to work on them.

For example—and you’re not limited to this list:

  • pitching an idea to a client, or to your manager or to other leaders
  • updating your manager, or senior leaders
  • giving a presentation
  • explaining something new, e.g. a new procedure, product, project
  • explaining a complicated idea
  • explaining your job to someone in another department or outside the industry
  • explaining why someone should hire you
  • discussing your recent successes and challenges (e.g. at a performance review)
  • debriefing a project
  • leading a meeting
  • giving feedback to a colleague
  • setting direction, explaining key goals or priorities for you or your group
  • delivering important news—good or bad
  • responding to difficult questions

You could also bring in an important email that you need to send, and that needs to be more concise.  (Please bring copies.)

During the workshop

You’ll learn the Fast-Focus method™—a way make your messages stick.  Then you’ll practice this method on your specific challenges, and receive coaching, plus video-taped feedback.

You’ll learn how to

  • deliver the right amount of detail, to the right audiences
  • focus your message, whether it’s a long presentation or a short email
  • capture audience attention, immediately, with a “what & why” purpose statement
  • prioritize and sequence your information
  • simplify complicated info; explain technical info to a non-technical audience
  • offer options, if your audience wants more
  • deliver a 30 second elevator speech that floors them

After the workshop

You’ll build a reputation for getting to the point.  Sometimes you’ll say less—but they’ll remember more.

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)