The German hotel had three fruit juices on tap each morning—orange, grapefruit, and something mysterious called “vitality juice.”

I had no idea what vitality juice was, but since I was on a business trip that required vitality, I drank a lot of it. I kept thinking, “I feel good. I’m drinking vitality juice, and I feel very good.”

You and I are influenced by our thoughts, for better or worse.

Let’s try a mantra, a thought you deliberately tell yourself to evoke a desired quality, like energy.

Actors use a similar technique called inner monologue. Imagine you’re an actor getting ready for a love scene. As you look at your romantic partner, you deliberately think, “You have lovely eyes,” which beats your earlier thought, “Did you just eat a pastrami sandwich for breakfast?”

Sometimes when I go running, I use a 3-word mantra that I heard on an exercise video: Show Your Numbers! The exercise instructor was wildly enthusiastic about squats. Her attitude seemed to be, “Sure the world may be falling apart, but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from doing a proper squat.”

A proper squat requires proper posture. Hmm, how’s your posture?

Show Your Numbers! is shorthand for chin up, shoulders back, stand tall—as if you were wearing a team jersey and wanted others to easily read the numbers on front.

But this mantra also works on an emotional level. You feel better from the physical act of standing tall, as well as from the emotional prompt to show your stuff.

And it’s applicable to many non-squat situations. It certainly beats my usual thoughts when running, such as:

  • When will this be over?
  • I just realized, I loathe running.
  • Almost as much as I loathe squats.

Tip: The next time you walk into a meeting (virtual or otherwise), try a mantra. When I coach execs, I sometimes suggest the mantra, strong and confident.

But experiment with different words; you want something that’s short and simple, and that gives you a boost.

Sort of like vitality juice.


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