Stories that Work

Capture Attention & Make Your Point

“That’s just dumb,” said the Marketing VP.

I was at a conference table with several managers; two were in a heated fight.

They were arguing about the wording on a PowerPoint slide. Bullet #3, slide #27.

“Can I offer an opinion?” I asked. They had invited me to this meeting, after all, to consult.

“The wording of bullet #3,” I said, “doesn’t matter. You’ve got 62 slides in this deck. No one will remember any of these bullets.”

That stopped the fight. They no longer hated each other. Now they hated me . . .

Well, that’s the problem with PP slides: they’re easily forgotten. Not so with stories.

Stories capture attention. Your audience sees things, feels things, and most importantly, remembers things.

The purpose of this workshop is to sharpen your skill at both designing and delivering effective stories for a business audience.

You’ll learn

where to find stories

how to skillfully move between facts and stories

7 ways to analyze a story and make it better

how to hook the audience with your opening

the importance of being concise (especially for a business audience)

how to tell the leadership story

how to describe an accomplishment without bragging

how to deepen commitment to key organizational values

when not to use stories

And much more. Learn how to capture an audience’s attention, make your point – and be remembered.

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)