Stories that Work: Capture Attention & Make Your Point

A TeleSeminar

What’s a story? Something that actually happened to you, recent or long ago—but not made up—that you can use to capture attention & make a point.

Our purpose:  Learn & practice how to design a compelling story.  And even if you never tell a story, these techniques will sharpen your next presentation.

When: June 27, 12-1 pm ET

Fee: $98, includes workbook, replay, and follow-up.

Replay: available for 30 days.

Follow-up: After the teleseminar, I’ll review and comment on specified drafts (one per person) that are emailed within 30 days.

Sign up today:  Simply email, “Sign me up—Stories” to  We’ll then send you information on payment and other details.

For questions:  Please call 508-879-0934, or email

Consider this story . . .

“That’s just dumb,” said the Marketing VP.

I was at a conference table with several managers; two were in a heated fight.

They were arguing about the wording on a PowerPoint slide. Bullet #3, slide #27.

“Can I offer an opinion?” I asked. They had invited me to this meeting, after all, to consult.

“The wording of bullet #3,” I said, “doesn’t matter. You’ve got 62 slides in this deck. No one will remember any of these bullets.”

That stopped the fight. They no longer hated each other. Now they hated me.

. . .

Well, that’s the problem with PP slides: they’re easily forgotten. Not so with stories.

Stories capture attention. Your audience sees things, feels things, and most importantly, remembers things.

Our purpose: increase your skill at designing effective stories for a business audience.

You’ll learn:

  • the 2.5 Step Method—even if you never tell a story, it will sharpen your presentations
  • where to find stories
  • how to hook the audience with your opening
  • how to use a non-work story to make a business point
  • the importance of being concise
  • how to tell the leadership story
  • how to describe an accomplishment without bragging
  • how to critique a story

And more. Learn how to capture an audience’s attention, make your point – and be remembered.

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)