Your Point?

Say It Concisely

Consider your audience.

They’re bombarded with information all day long.  After all, it’s the information age.

What they lack is time.

So whether you’re explaining your company, your services, or your PowerPoint slides, less is more.

Practice now for those critical moments when everything depends on your ability to say it fast.

You’ll learn how to

  • focus your message, whether it’s a short pitch, or a long presentation
  • deliver the right amount of detail, based on y0ur audience
  • prioritize and sequence your information
  • create a “what & why” purpose statement; why you need one
  • simplify complicated info.
  • offer options, if your audience wants more
  • deliver a 30 second elevator speech that floors them

It’s not what you say. It’s what they remember.  Say less; get them to remember more.

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)