Dynamic Speaking:  Increase Your



And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)

At the workshop

Our premise:  Overloaded with info, your audience has no reason to pay attention—and 10,000 reasons not to.

Our purpose:  Learn & practice the best techniques to get heard, get remembered & get results.

We’ll focus on:

Design:  Create a clear, concise, compelling message that works.

Delivery:  Capture & hold your audience’s attention.

Presence:  Project confidence, even when you’re not feeling it.

This is a skill-building workshop, limited to a small group to ensure individual attention, video-taped practice, feedback & coaching.

You’ll learn

  • 15 tips for your next presentation
  • how to get to the point—faster
  • how to use vocal variety, body language and executive presence to make your message stick
  • 10 ways to open your presentation, and why the 1st minute is critical
  • how to structure any presentation, using 3 key questions & 3 powerful techniques
  • what to know about an audience—before they arrive
  • how to create a “what and why” purpose statement; why you need one
  • 5 options for handling difficult-to-handle questions
  • formula for a fast story—and why stories, analogies & examples work
  • how to think on your feet
  • 5 ways to project confidence, even when you’re not feeling it

And much more. Increase your competence & confidence every time you speak.

This is one of our favorite workshops—you’ll see immediate before-and-after improvements!

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)