Resilience @ Work

Increase Your Focus & Energy—in Tough Times—by Thinking Differently

  • Everything has changed
  • The future is uncertain
  • You wake up at 3 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep

There’s a lot going on, you’re busier than ever.  And so is your brain.

According to experts, you have 60,000 thoughts a day.  Not just new ideas but also mental chatter—words, pictures, daydreams, hopes, fears and so on.

Thoughts matter—they affect your productivity and performance.  It’s surprising to discover, for example, how much distress is triggered by thoughts.  But the opposite is also true:  thoughts can be used to enhance your resilience and resourcefulness.

In this program, based on Paul’s book, Naked at Work (and Other Fears): How to Stay Sane When Your Job Drives You Crazy” (Penguin), you’ll  learn practical techniques that can be used both personally and professionally to sharpen your effectiveness by thinking differently.

Learn how to:

  • stay motivated, despite setbacks
  • challenge your assumptions
  • create purpose and meaning for yourself and others
  • deal differently with challenging people
  • stay focused on work when you’re there, and let it go when you’re away
  • quickly get new perspectives on old problems
  • recharge your brainpower throughout the day (in a minute or less)

More Details

The 3 Challenges: Most problems at work (and in life) fall into one of three categories, captured by the acronym, C.E.O.

  • Circumstances: any adverse condition that causes discomfort, from long commutes to short deadlines——to major pandemics
  • Ego: performance situations that threaten identity, such as giving a critical presentation or receiving negative feedback
  • Other people: especially those with different priorities or styles

The Premise: Although you can’t always control circumstances, ego and other people, you can control how you think about these challenges, and thinking differently makes you more resilient.

The 3 Strategies: You’ll learn three major thinking strategies, summed up by another C.E.O. acronym:

  • Challenge your assumptions: This is about subtracting thoughts, using an invaluable problem-solving technique for splitting assumptions from facts.
  • Energize your thinking: This is about adding thoughts through the psychological skill of reframing—the ability to bring multiple perspectives to problems.
  • Outplace yourself: This is about stepping outside of thoughts altogether, neither adding nor subtracting them but returning to zero.  This technique is the basis for creative problem-solving.

Change forever the way you think about thinking, while increasing your resilience and resourcefulness at work.