10-Speed Thinking for Exceptional Results

Sharpen Your Thinking & Speed Your Results


An Analogy

If you had a 10-speed bicycle, you’d out-perform someone with a one-speed bike.  You might not use all 10 speeds, but you could always switch gears when you got stuck.

In this program, you’ll practice 10 ways to think – as well as several ways not to think—about a current challenge you’re facing.

We’ll begin by clearly defining the specific business result you’d like to achieve—it could be resolving a problem, advancing an opportunity, or creating an innovation.

Then, through a variety of different exercises—carefully balanced between group work and individual reflection—you’ll practice a series of breakthrough techniques to accelerate your result.

In addition to gaining new ideas about your specific situation, you’ll also learn practical techniques that you can apply to any situation. Learn how to:

  • think in new and innovative ways
  • get more ideas—faster
  • balance detail with a big picture perspective
  • avoid false starts and wasted time by recognizing common thinking traps
  • make smarter business decisions
  • improve team thinking
  • let ideas incubate by deliberately not thinking about a problem
  • recharge your brainpower throughout the day

Although success at work depends on the ability to think, the one thing we rarely think about is our thinking. Use this workshop to advance a specific challenge, while learning, in general, how to be even smarter at work.