Smart Questions

Get the Answers that Matter

Socrates was the wisest person in Greece, even though he professed to know nothing.

But he knew how to ask questions.

Whether you’re talking with a client, coaching an employee, or teaching philosophy in the streets of Athens, good questions are invaluable.

Discover how to ask the right ones.

You’ll learn:

  • best practices for asking questions – what to do, what to avoid
  • why, according to Barbara Walters, asking the 2nd question is much harder than asking the 1st
  • different types of questions, and why it’s important to know the difference
  • 3 questions to ask yourself when stressed
  • how to use questions to make your next presentation more engaging
  • 2 questions to quickly define any problem
  • how to coach your employees with questions – and the best question nobody ever asks
  • how to determine someone’s motivational profile in a few minutes
  • your options when asked a question
  • when not to ask questions