Bulletproof Feedback

Give—and Receive—Feedback that Improves Performance


Feedback is a powerful motivational tool to change or reinforce another person’s behavior. It’s free, fast, and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, many managers never get feedback on their feedback skills, so this tool is often poorly applied or never used.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • do’s and don’ts for giving exceptional feedback
  • how to structure the conversation, from start to finish, to ensure impact
  • 6 common biases, and the one thing you must do to avoid all 6
  • the difference between suggestions and criticisms—and why this difference is “critical”
  • how to be specific—and when not to be
  • 3 techniques for making hard-to-hear feedback easier to hear (without diluting the message)
  • the ACE technique™ for handling pushback or resistance

The best leaders give lots of feedback, and in a way that gets results – without anyone getting hurt.

(We also offer—and highly recommend—a companion version of this program for employees on how to participate in the feedback discussion).