306 billion emails were sent in 2020—every day (Statista). You probably feel like you received most of them.

“If an email exceeds five lines,” an exec told me, “I won’t read it.”

Hmm, what if yours is longer?

Try this:

Lead with the headline news and be concise.

Then, start a new paragraph with the word “Details.” It’s an optional read for those wanting more. For example:

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be out of the office for the next few years.

Details: You wouldn’t believe the date I had last night. He told me he worked in finance, it wasn’t till later, after an exciting, all night car chase, that I discovered, lol, he’s a bank robber! Wanted in five states!

We ended up in a Mexican jail. I’ll be back in the office, assuming good behavior, in 5-10 years.

Ok, you’re out of the office. That’s the main thing.

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