Sharpen Your Emails

To Get Results

“I stopped reading your email after the first few lines,” a manager was told, after he asked about the lack of response.

Are your emails getting through? Are they getting results?

Every email you send competes with hundreds of other emails in the other person’s inbox—why should anyone open and read yours?

Also, every email creates a positive, or not-so-positive, impression about you. When you send high-impact messages, you boost your reputation.

In this interactive program, you’ll work on an upcoming email—we’ll help you edit it—while learning the best tactics to get the best results.

You’ll learn how to

  • Capture attention with your subject line
  • Get right to the point
  • Use less words
  • Adapt your tone and style
  • Write for results
  • Avoid the worst mistakes

The purpose: Make your emails (and you) stand out.