Resilience and Change

How to Energize Performance in the Midst of Change

This is a customized version of Resilience @Work – designed for groups and organizations experiencing upheaval.

Based on Paul’s book, Naked at Work (and Other Fears): How to Stay Sane When Your Job Drives You Crazy (published by Penguin).

“Human beings have a biological tendency to think crooked,” according to Dr. Albert Ellis (a world-renowned psychologist).

Fortunately, thinking is a learned skill. In this program you’ll learn practical techniques to sharpen your effectiveness by thinking differently.

Learn how to:

stay energized and motivated, despite setbacks

challenge your assumptions

deal differently with challenging people

create purpose and meaning for yourself and others

stay focused on work when you’re at the office, and let it go when you’re away

quickly get new perspectives on old problems

relax in a minute or less

Change how you think about thinking—and how you think about work—while increasing your effectiveness.