Years ago, I got some advice about rejection from career expert, Tom Jackson.

“Take a sheet of paper,” he said, “and keep typing the word NO, line after line. Then, bottom of page, type YES. Every time you get rejected for a job, cross off a NO. That’s progress—you’re one step closer to YES.”

Put another way, your job, if looking for work (or love, or anything else) is to collect NOs.

“Fall down seven times,” goes a Japanese proverb, “get up eight.”

When I wrote my first book, I was clueless about how to market it. Turns out, the best approach is to get a literary agent who then sells your work to publishers.

But agents are tough to get, they work on commission, and most say NO. Eventually I got one. Then, six months later, after multiple publishers said NO, she quit.

I looked for another agent. NO, NO, NO . . . then YES. The new agent sold my book almost immediately.

Sometimes, when I work with salespeople, I say, “Selling is your hobby. Rejection is your livelihood.” (Source: Gene Perret, a comedy writer who said, “Writing is my hobby, rejection is my livelihood.”)

Without rejection, selling would be easy. Anyone could do it.

Lately I’ve been writing picture books for kids. My agent doesn’t represent Kid Lit, so I’m looking for an agent/editor who might be interested.

(If you know any agents or editors, please contact me ASAP!)

Meanwhile, I’m going down that sheet of paper, crossing off the NOs.

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