What’s your biggest weakness???

Hmm. The trick is to avoid revealing too little or too much.

Some bad answers:

a) I’m wanted in three states for grand larceny.
Too much. If you have to go this route, stick with larceny, delete grand. Grand sounds like a boast.

b) I have no weaknesses.
Too little, too defensive.

c) I’m a perfectionist.
Too cute.

d) I take everything that happens very personally—why are you looking at me like that?
Too paranoid.

e) I’m highly critical of other people’s footwear.
Too odd, though original.

The ideal answer is: 1) job-related, 2) already known, and 3) fixable.

For example, if you’ve only worked for Fortune 500 companies, and you’re applying for a nonprofit job, mention your lack of nonprofit experience—that’s certainly a weakness.

But also mention: You’re a fast learner, and you’ve done extensive volunteer work.

Plus, you’ve had lots of experience in the airline industry, and none of those companies ever made a profit either.

Tip: Give the right amount of detail (a smart practice, always).

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