Maximum Motivation

The Techniques that Work

Suppose you could double everyone’s motivation—imagine the results you’d achieve.

Where does motivation come from, anyway?

From outside the person—or inside? The answer is both. The purpose of this workshop is to discover how to motivate anyone—including yourself.

You’ll learn:

a systematic, start-to-finish, approach to motivation

why consequences matter, and the 3 consequences that matter most

best practices for setting expectations, coaching, and providing feedback

how to flex your motivational style

4 ways to communicate direction—each one has a different motivational outcome

why there’s not one motivator that works for everyone —there are 8

how to interview a job applicant—or associate—and quickly determine his/her motivational profile

how to identify and leverage strengths—your own, and other’s

3 ways that high performers think—and how to train others to think like high performers

how to ignite your own energy and motivation

As a leader, you need exceptional results. And employee engagement is key. Here are the techniques that work.