Kidnapped—by mental clutter

1) You’re at a meeting.

2) You pretend to listen, but the mind has a tendency to wander. Go home?

3) Oh look, a tweet: “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, according to Herbert Simon.”

4) Who’s Herbert Simon?

5) In the middle of slide #7, you start thinking about your To-Do list, and all the things you’re not doing.

6) Chocolate donuts! The ones on the table look tasty. But wait, you’re on a diet. Oh, who cares.

7) Why are you even at this meeting? you wonder. And who’s that person over there? Is that Herbert Simon?

8) Focus, focus, focus. Good.

9) Right now, you’re extremely focused on the word, focus.

10) Some people in the room, you notice, have enormous water bottles. Why? How long is this meeting going to last?

11) You’ve heard rumors—the company is about to be re-organized, or downsized, or sold, or something. Uh-oh.

12) Time for another donut.

13) By slide #62, you wonder if it’s too late to go to law school.

p.s. Herbert Simon was a Nobel Prize winning economist, and one of the first to talk about the attention economy.

© Copyright 2010 Paul Hellman. All rights reserved.

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