Challenging Conversations for Managers

Increase Your POWER

This is a customized version of Challenging Conversations.

It’s designed to help managers conduct important coaching conversations (e.g. performance improvement, feedback, goal-setting, development) by providing a roadmap, skill, and practice.

Sometimes, managers avoid these conversations—they seem risky.

But there’s a risk in avoidance: the performance management system may fail to distinguish high and low performers; commitments may lack real buy-in; problems may be allowed to go on, and on, and on.

The issue then, is how to conduct these conversations with skill.

In this program, you’ll learn:

a powerful, easy-to-remember, 5-step methodology for effectively managing these conversations from beginning to end

4 questions you can use to prepare for the conversation that will dramatically improve your success (preparation time: less than 5 minutes)

how to open the conversation by immediately engaging the other person

3 skills to improve your listening

how to explain your perspective—in a way that gets heard

4 techniques to boost your resolve and confidence

You’ll still have the option to avoid these conversations and, occasionally, that’s a smart choice. But this program will give you other options