Career Development

We offer two programs on careers:

1) for developing your own career (below)

2) for developing others (bottom of page)


for developing your own career

Accelerate Your Career

Let’s Get Going

You’re so busy in your day-to-day job that you have little time to plan for your short-term development, or your long-term career.

This program is the chance to do that.

How? We’ll mix powerful self-assessment exercises about your past, present and future, with focused, action planning.

You’ll learn how to:

Identify high-value leaning opportunities (there are 3 main ways to develop; one is best).

Recognize your key strengths and skills. It’s critical that you know these.

Talk about your accomplishments (without bragging).

Prioritize your values. Discover which of 8 career values is most important to you.

Engage your manager in a career development plan—and avoid common mistakes.

Develop one or more mentor relationships.

Define and move towards your vision of success.

You’re responsible for your development. No one else has as much as stake.

Let’s take charge. Now.


for developing others

Accelerate Your Employees’ Development

Coach for Success

Why do managers avoid career development conversations? They feel risky, especially, as a manager, if you have:

1) No promotions, or salary increases to offer.
2) No advice about what others should do with their lives.

3) No time.

But as a manager, you can add significant value without any of these things. That’s what we’ll explore and practice.

You’ll learn how to:

Recognize and take advantage of coachable moments.

Set realistic expectations for “who is responsible for what.”

Avoid common management mistakes re career development.

Identify high-value leaning opportunities.

Ask smart questions, and add value as a “thinking partner.”

Help employees identify their skills, so they can build on them.

Structure a career coaching conversation, from opening to close.

Be a better coach by varying your coaching style.

Have the right conversation with the right person (there are at least 3 different development conversations).

Make your organization a great place to learn and grow.