You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Get Heard, Get Results.

A Public Workshop / Boston

Based on: Paul’s latest book, You’ve Got 8 Seconds, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, Kindle edition. Also available in print & audio.

When: June 24, 9-4 p.m.

Where: Dedham Hilton (11 miles from downtown Boston)

Fee: $895.

To register:  Simply email, “Sign me up—8 Seconds” to  We’ll then send you information on payment and other details.

For questions:  Please call 508-879-0934, or email

Why this workshop?

  • The next time you speak—whether to 1 person or 1,000—others will either tune in or tune out. Sometimes, all you get is seconds
  • Your communication skills can make or break your career.
  • Your organization can’t afford all the meetings, presentations—and even emails—that lack focus.

You’ll sharpen your communication with . . .

1) Focus—because attention spans are short, and getting shorter.

  • Understand what your audience is really thinking: they’ve got 3 key questions
  • Quickly design any message (formal or informal) using 3 powerful techniques
  • Give the right amount of detail to the right audiences

2) Variety—because predictable doesn’t work.

  • Learn 10 ways to capture attention in the first 30 seconds
  • Tell fast, compelling, business-relevant stories
  • Engage others with smart, thought-provoking questions

3) Presence—because part of the message is you.

  • Assess yourself on 10 dimensions of presence
  • Increase your presence and your impact
  • Look confident, even when you don’t feel it; avoid 4 common confidence mistakes

Target audience

Executives and professionals who need to inform, influence and inspire others.  Every day

And if you’d like 1-1 coaching . . . (details)