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7 big PowerPoint mistakes

How to change your boss

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Speaking to inform & inspire

CBS logo10 ways to sharpen your presentations

Audio Q & A with Paul Hellman (18 min.)

your message in 10 words or less video

Your message — in 10 words
or less

2:35 min.

Your story needs a point video

Your story needs a point

2:50 min.

Need to persuade others? Data is not enough

2:36 min.

Speaking to change behavior

Feedback: 3 extra-strength techniques

3:11 min.

Improve your influencing skills

The easy way to increase
your influence

2:01 min.

You're committed video

Uh-oh. You don't sound committed.

2:14 min.

Speaking to energize yourself
How Assumptions Work Against Us

Dangerous assumptions at lunch

2:28 min.

Attribution Bias and Performance

Who's to blame?

2:32 min.

What to do when you're attacked

What to do when you're attacked

2:07 min.

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