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Book: Naked at Work (and other fears)

Naked at Work (and Other Fears)

                     How to Stay Sane

         When Your Job Drives You Crazy

(CreateSpace, 2016; first published by NAL/Penguin)


You and I have 60,000 thoughts a day, experts say. 

These thoughts include not only new ideas but also mental chatter—words, pictures, hopes and fears.

It's surprising to discover how much distress is triggered by thoughts. But the opposite is also true: thoughts can be used to enhance your resilience and resourcefulness.

Naked at Work will enlighten your thinking about the anxieties and absurdities of today's stressed-out workplace.

Best of all, it delivers practical techniques to sharpen your performance by thinking differently.

Change forever the way you think about thinking, while increasing your resilience and resourcefulness at work.

What the experts are saying...

“An incredible book of wit and wisdom. A must read for anyone who worries about anything. I loved it!

Richard Carlson, Ph.D., bestselling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“It’s one of the wisest (and funniest) books I’ve ever read.  In a world where there are so many books, this one shines like a diamond in a pile of pebbles.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, co-founder and former Director of the Mind/Body clinical programs at two Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals

“Great fun combined with some profound thinking!”

Albert Ellis, Ph.D., bestselling author of more over 50 books, including A Guide to Rational Living; was widely recognized as one of the world's leading cognitive psychotherapists.

“Practical and humorous, wise advice on how to cope with and eliminate stress at work.”

Herbert Benson, M.D., bestselling author of The Relaxation Response, President of the Mind/Body Medical Institute, and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School.

“A zippy, snappy, smart, funny, and above all useful guide to quelling fear and promoting creativity and top performance in the workplace.  Hellman has performed the difficult feat of making us laugh and learn at the same time. This is light read with a hefty message.”

Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Worry: Hope and Help for a Common Condition, and Psychiatry Instructor, Harvard Medical School.

“In my annual editions of What Color Is Your Parachute?, I have always quoted something brilliant that Paul Hellman said in his wonderful first book. Now he's got a new book out (Hallelujah!), for me—and you—to pick new pearls of wisdom from. Highly recommended, of course!”

Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?,
the best-selling job-hunting book in the world


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